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Hi. I'm Sophia Rose Sparrow, but you can call me Sophie. I'm a master assassin, but I promise I won't kill you. Unless you piss me off. Then all bets are off.

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Yes, it’s true. I’m back. But on a different blog, which can be found here. I also have a new face claim. 

I am not restarting Sophie’s story, though I am doing a little timeskip and a bit of development so that she’s basically a brand-new, completely revamped and developed character. Most of this blog was just me trying to figure out how to character development/how to RP, so yeah. Hopefully this will turn out as less of a mess.

Please check out Sophie’s new blog! I’ve been gone for a bit, and I’d love to RP with all of you guys again! :D

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I’m going to wait until after the Mortal Instruments movie comes out so I’ll have a lot of gifs, and then I’m going to start Sophie’s storyline over completely, and with a new face claim. YUP. YOU GUESSED IT. LILY FUCKING COLLINS. I was actually considering her at first, but I couldn’t find enough gifs of her so EMMA ROBERTS IT WAS. But yeah, changing the fc because OMG CLARY FRAY LOOKS JUST LIKE HOW I’VE BEEN IMAGINING SOPHIE and restarting her storyline because I know that most of my RP partners have moved on to new RP families and new storylines. and I kinda fucked up her storyline anyway so there you go but YEAH. I WILL BE BACK, PEOPLE. Except the Sophie you knew and loved will be gone, replaced by a master assassin who’s still living on her own on the streets and taking assassination jobs. SO YEAH. NO MORE SWEET AND GENTLE SOPHIE. I mean, she wasn’t that sweet and gentle to begin with, but still. This will be a Sophie who hasn’t met Loki, or Eira, or any of the other people who helped her the last time I tried this RPing thing. And seeing as most of her development came from those characters, SHE’S BASICALLY GOING BACK TO HER ORIGINAL FRAMEWORK. AND THAT’S NOT A VERY HAPPY PLACE. Hopefully I’ll be able to RP with a lot of the same people(and maybe some new people too) so that maybe we can get Soph back to that happy place. :3

Wow this is longer than I expected okay bye bye now

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((Hi guys. I’ve kind of gone on a hiatus, and I said on my Tenth Doctor blog that I’d be back at Christmas, but I’m not sure. I think that all of my RP partners have moved on at this point, and with school and the fact that I’d be doing everything from an iPad again is kind of a disincentive for me to come back to RPing. I think I’m just going to drop all three characters that I have. I may or may not delete the blogs, but I’ve thought about it, and I don’t think I want to keep RPing. I mean, I love you guys, you’re awesome, but it’s just too high-maintenance for me to deal with right now. I might take it back up again when I have a working computer and I’m not so busy with schoolwork and volunteering and what little bit of a social life I have. I’ll miss you all, and I love you guys to the ends of the universe and back. Thanks for sticking with me this long. I don’t think I’ll delete, though. Since I may come back to these characters(particularly Sophie), I don’t want to delete everything I have on them. But I love you guys. I’ll miss you.))

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They’re called Voca People and they cover the history of musical genres in five minutes. Dude.

The music theorist in me is overjoyed by how accurate this is
And the chorister in me is having some sort of religious experience.

Day- O (The Banana Boat Song)
Mbube- Solomon Linda and The Evening Birds
Ameno Dorime- Era
Toccata and Fugue in D Minor- Bach
Spring- Vivaldi
Messiah, HWV 56, Part 2, No. 44 Chorus- Georg Friedrich Händel
The Entertainer- Scott Joplin
Mr. Sandman- The Chordettes
Puttin’ on the Ritz- Irving Berlin
Hit the Road Jack- Ray Charles
In the Mood- Glen Miller
Tutti Frutti- Little Richard
I Get Around- The Beach Boys
Can’t Buy Me Love- The Beatles
Take A Chance On Me- ABBA
Long Train Running- Doobie Brothers
Celebration-Kool and the Gang
Holiday- Madonna
Billie Jean- Michael Jackson
Sweet Dreams- The Eurythmics
Yeke Yeke- Mori Kante
Smells Like Teen Spirit- Nirvana
Wannabe-The Spice Girls
Macarena- Los del Rio
Cotton Eyed Joe- Rednex
Hit Me Baby One More Time- Britney Spears
Who Let the Dogs Out- Baha Men
Everybody Dance Out- C+C Music Factory
I Like to Move It- Reel to Real

I think I got all of them!!! It took me a while to recognize Yeke Yeke, but I got it!

Everyone needs to listen to this. NOW!!!


Holy shit this is amazing

I’ve nmever heard this version before! The one I heard had songs missing. This is good. Very good news.

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Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been gone for a while. I’ve been really busy lately. If any of you follow me on my Tenth Doctor blog, then you may have seen the message I posted. If you didn’t see it, then the URL is gallifreyan-spookytraveller.tumblr.com. I just haven’t changed it back from the Halloween URL yet, and I’ll get to that eventually. But anyway, I’ll be on this blog for a bit today. Probably not for long, though. I’m putting this blog and my other two RP blogs on hiatus for a bit. I’m not sure how long, but I will try to be back by Christmas.

My life is just really busy at the moment, but I am not going to stop blogging altogether. If you feel like you’ll miss me so much that you won’t be able to go on anymore, you can follow my personal blog(geeky-gallifreyan.tumblr.com).

Bye guys. I’ll miss you, but I’ll see you at Christmas. I love all of you.

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Anonymous said:

"I just want to say that I love you. That you're awesome. That I love your blog. That you mean something to me. That you rock. I'm sending this to all the people who matter to me. <3"

((*hug glomp*))

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The Ninth Doctor didn’t need a wood setting 



He just kicked the door in.

Eleven will break his leg doing that

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The first and last words that Amelia Pond says to the Doctor.

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